What Happened Before and a Little After (Part II)

by irms

Quick Update:

While waiting for my appointment this morning, the doctor called in with family emergency.  None of her patients were seen, and I have been rescheduled for a date in June.  Because of the urgency implied while I was in the hospital, we’re going to see what can be done about an earlier appointment.

When I said there were only three possible outcomes to this meeting, I was clearly underestimating fate once again.

How am I feeling?  Crunchy.  Disappointed.  Annoyed.  But having had my fair share of family emergencies, I know that there is no one to blame, and nothing to do but wait and do what is in front of me.

Updates on the way as I have them.


P.S.  Thanks for all the reply emails.  The response is/was something else.  I don’t really believe all the positive things you had to say, but I’ll take it!