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The Internship Manifesto

  About </>Edit LLC and This Document Edit LLC is a software company in Fresno, CA. It was begun in 2012 by two starry-eyed kids and a pistachio grower. None of us had any real idea what it was like to run a software company, but two of us knew how to build software and one of us sometimes knew how to use it. How could we fail? After two years of building, we finally launched our first product in 2014 (Buildicus, a website builder for small businesses) while chipping away at our dream to help small businesses with their big data problems.  Over the years, the team grew in fits and starts. Along the way we lost an employee or two to bad management, bad software and/or bad decisions, and gained a couple of great ones. This document contains … Continue reading

And The Overfund Goes To…

DANIELLE MAYER to bring a Mini Maker Faire to Fresno. I hope that the total raised, $2,325, will go a long, long way to making that happen. And Danielle, I can tell you that there are a lot of people interested in seeing this happen. If you’re looking for volunteers, you won’t have any trouble finding them! I think Fresno would do well with an event like this, and the people who donated were largely in favor of seeing you awarded with this money. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. Good luck, and we’ll be following your progress!   What Comes Next? For the Overfund, this may become a regular thing. In fact, I’ve got something in the works for it. Watch this space for more info on that in the near future. For Danielle? We’ll find out! … Continue reading

Overfund Finalists

This is the second scholarship we’ve put out into the world. Some quick stats for you: The fund started with $1,000 dollars. The post was collectively shared more than 200 times. The fund is now at $2,275 dollars. The average donation was $81.25 dollars. And the most important stat of all? More people pitched in to the fund, than applied for it. (there’s still time to donate)   Whenever you start to question what kind of world this is, just read that line over again. I was BLOWN AWAY. I still am. Again, as much as I’d like to fund them all, I’ve chosen just five finalists. The winner will be announced on Friday (June 29th). Your input is always welcome. In no particular order, these are the 5 finalists: Pablo Orozco …was executive director of an environmental non-profit (calexico new river … Continue reading

Let’s Overfund Someone’s Dream

A little over six months ago, something amazing happened. I offered up $1,ooo to someone who could take advantage of a gift like that and do something awesome. The response was so cool. People started chipping in. $1,000 turned into $2,100 — more than TWICE the amount the winner had hoped to gain. What winner you ask? Oh, that was Sabrina. She runs Anzula and with the money they were able to buy new equipment, which eliminated inefficiencies in the business, which enabled them to hire employees. She now has FOUR FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES as a result of this money. So all in all, the scholarship has been one of the best things to happen to us. –Sabrina Famellos Schmidt Let’s Do That Again   Join me by throwing in some dollars. Every penny goes to the selected winner, exactly none of it … Continue reading

I’m A Stroke Survivor

Today I had the pleasure of being a model in the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Fashion Show Sponsored by Macy’s. All the models in the show are heart attack or stroke survivors. The point of the movement is to raise  awareness and for women to “band together to wipe out heart disease and stroke”. When my neurologist asked if I would be a part of this, I was shocked. I never really think of my “story” as an inspiration. I only think of it as my daily battle. Participating in this, however, made me feel proud to be a survivor. This is my story, as it was written for the program: Irma L. Olguin Jr.for AHA Go Red for Women Fashion Show I was out shopping for a gift when it happened. Healthy, unsuspecting me, just thinking about lunch and what kind … Continue reading

Dadisms II

“i can’t believe it’s been nine years. does anything ever feel any different? can you pinpoint a difference between the third year and the fifth? the second and the ninth?” – beth Answer: The difference is, the number of things I remember gets smaller as I forget more and more about him. This truth feels shameful, and brings heartache. The number of things I treasure gets larger as what I do remember becomes more precious. This truth brings pride and a will to share my memory of him. From time to time, I write about my Dad on this blog. He died on January 13th, 2003. If you didn’t have a chance to know him, well, I wish you could have. And if you did, then I hope you join me in remembering what he was like. All his obnoxious ways, all his quirky habits, … Continue reading

The Audience

Isn’t it funny how we use all these means of mass communication when so often we have an audience of one in mind? Tweets and status updates, blogs and away messages. We offer up random, but carefully worded nuggets of information about ourselves; pictures of places we’ve been, and things we ate, people we’re with, things we like and dislike. We vaguebook, we allude, we’re passive-aggressive, and yet, so much of it is with the hope that a specific person is paying attention. And when you do see it — as has been my hope all along — I’ll show that I’m embarrassed and take on a, “What, this old thing?” attitude, though I smile behind my hand. I’ll feign surprise, but be secretly thrilled. My nonchalance might even amaze you. Silently, I’ll wait for you to bring it up. I’m holding my … Continue reading

Congratulations, Scholarship Winner

This post is scheduled to publish on Thursday, but I’m writing it much earlier than that. In fact, if you’re reading this on Thursday the 3rd (or even Friday), there’s a good chance I’m still sedated from the surgery I had that morning, so let’s hope the “Scheduled Post” feature is working properly. As you all know, this was a difficult decision. All the finalists and lots of the other applicants deserve this money, but I had to choose just one. To do that, I really had to examine the reasons WHY I wanted to do this in the first place. Talk about some uncomfortable moments for ol’ irms. After a bit of denial, I came to the conclusion that I decided to give away this money for two reasons, both selfish: I want to be the catalyst of someone’s good … Continue reading

Top 5 Scholarship Finalists

About a month ago, I announced that I would be giving a thousand dollars to someone who could demonstrate that money would make the difference between doing something awesome, and not doing it. I thought, it would be a neat & fun way to give back, and to encourage those that are out there trying to do stuff, when often, it’s so hard to do stuff. It was a small gesture. An idea. Much to my surprise, people started pitching in and that thousand dollars soon became $2,100. One of these applications is about to get much more than they bargained for. $1,100 dollars more, in fact. Applicants were spread throughout the world (the power of the Retweet strikes again), which was another surprise to me. AND even better, not one of the applicants blamed a poor economy for not being … Continue reading

Update 6: A Thousand Dollar Scholarship For A Doer

UPDATE 6: Another generous and anonymous donation! This is now the “Two-Thousand One-Hundred Dollar Scholarship For A Doer”. UPDATE 5: Even though the deadline for applications has passed, people have not stopped being generous. Thanks to another anonymous donation, this is now the “Two-Thousand Dollar Scholarship For A Doer”. Now, that’s awesome! UPDATE 4: “I just want to be a part of changing a life in a simple way.” — Anonymous. We are now the “One-Thousand EIGHT-Hundred Dollar Scholarship For A Doer” UPDATE 3: We are now the “One-Thousand Seven-Hundred Dollar Scholarship For A Doer”, thanks to a strictly anonymous giver! UPDATE 2: Stephanie Tinsley Schopp is throwing in another $100. It’s now the “One-Thousand Six-Hundred Dollar Scholarship For A Doer”. Thanks, Stephanie! UPDATE: Since announcing this initiative, two different people have come forward and would like to add to the pot. Therefore, the “Thousand Dollar Scholarship For … Continue reading

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