What Happened Before and a Little After (Part III)

Update 2Writing these emails is starting to feel more like writing a blog than it should, but how else would you expect me to keep you up to date?  If you’re getting this email, then you must know me well enough to know I won’t be making phone calls 😉  A text message, maybe, but that’s a lot of messages flying back and forth. Anyway,  here’s whats new (again, with short and long versions for the time-conscious reader): For The Guy/Gal On-the-Go Nothing.  Nothing is new.  I haven’t seen or heard from a doctor yet despite my best efforts.  Two more appointments have been scheduled for early and mid-June. For Those Reading Email At Work The neurology appointment we were all holding our breath over was canceled due to a family emergency on the doctors’ part.  As I wrote before, … Continue reading