What Happened Before and a Little After (Part IV)

Update 3I know what you’re thinking.  It’s been so long since my last blemail (<- that’s a cross between an email and a blog, pronounced with a hard ‘eee’ as in blee-mail, brand new word, just made it up) that you feel like we’re breaking up. We’re not.  Don’t convince yourself we’re flawed just so you can break up with me before I break up with you.  I know how you are, so let me explain: [ Warning:  This message is mostly concerned with the insurance scandal that has become my life, so if you’re not interested, I suggest you skip to the bottom paragraph. ] When last we spoke, I told you I had a hard time finding a primary care physician because I don’t have insurance, and many of you wrote with your insurance-getting/avoiding suggestions.  Thanks, I tried … Continue reading