Let’s Overfund Someone’s Dream

A little over six months ago, something amazing¬†happened. I offered up $1,ooo to someone who could take advantage of a gift like that and do something awesome. The response was so cool. People started chipping in. $1,000 turned into $2,100 — more than TWICE the amount the winner had hoped to gain. What winner you ask? Oh, that was Sabrina. She runs Anzula¬†and with the money they were able to buy new equipment, which eliminated inefficiencies in the business, which enabled them to hire employees. She now has FOUR FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES as a result of this money. So all in all, the scholarship has been one of the best things to happen to us. –Sabrina Famellos Schmidt Let’s Do That Again   Join me by throwing in some dollars. Every penny goes to the selected winner, exactly none of it … Continue reading