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Why do you want to be rich?

An honest to goodness examination of what one is supposed to do when money IS an option. Continue reading

Seeing the Build

Entreprenuerial programmers can see the end product in their heads before they get started writing the spec.   That vision of the end prodcut is the reason for starting to develop in the first place.  But seeing the end product is a long way from what it takes to make a good programmer.  Really all that means is that they are good dreamers, and has nothing at all to do with writing code. Good programmers follow specs (you do have a spec, don’t you?) and cover all the edge cases as they write code, test  and fix (write code test, and fix,  write code, test and…) But it’s the entreprenuerial programmers that muscle through that, from the very beginning, and do something mediocre programmers will never do: See the Build When a programmer begins to visualize how each module of … Continue reading

Is College Worth It?

There’s a healthy debate going on in which youngish people are wondering if going to college is worth the money, the time, the effort, the … hustle.  In fact, coverage of this very thing can be found on this website, Nettuts, which is known for it’s tutorials and not so much for its articles (you’ll see why).  If you ask me, the go-to-college-vs-get-a-job debate is tired.  Historically, college graduates make more than non-graduates, but that gap is closing.  I, for one, think there are better reasons to go to college than your salary, but I digress. Really, there are two things that I hear often enough to write about on account of their absurdity: “My friend so-and-so got her degree in [ something ] and hasn’t been able to find a job in [ a number of  ] years.” “My … Continue reading

Advice Teachers Should Give

The things we don’t say to students (but should!) in a neat little Top Ten list. Continue reading


A tribute to my dad who died in 2003. These are just a handful of the powerful memories he unwittingly left for us. Continue reading

Tamale Night – Otherwise Known As Christmas Eve

More about Mexicans. Everything you need to know about tamale-making and Christmas Eve. Continue reading

The Rules of the Family

A crash course in how to behave when invited over to a Mexican household. You do know how to treat Grandma, don’t you? Continue reading