Congratulations, Scholarship Winner

by irms

This post is scheduled to publish on Thursday, but I’m writing it much earlier than that. In fact, if you’re reading this on Thursday the 3rd (or even Friday), there’s a good chance I’m still sedated from the surgery I had that morning, so let’s hope the “Scheduled Post” feature is working properly.

Post-Op Instructions

As you all know, this was a difficult decision. All the finalists and lots of the other applicants deserve this money, but I had to choose just one. To do that, I really had to examine the reasons WHY I wanted to do this in the first place. Talk about some uncomfortable moments for ol’ irms.

After a bit of denial, I came to the conclusion that I decided to give away this money for two reasons, both selfish:

  1. I want to be the catalyst of someone’s good deeds. That’s right. I want to be the thing that catapults a good person doing good things to a good person doing remarkable things.
  2. I want to see that change, and feel it’s tangibility. As you know I give money to charities, but there’s something different about watching the corporeal effect right in front of your face, and to feel like it’s partly because of you.

Not all of the finalists could satisfy both of those charges, but one did, and it was because of the way the application was written. It was almost formulaic:

The money will do x, which means the company can do y, and you will be able to tell by z.


That’s pretty damn tangible when you fill in x, y and z.

So, Sabrina Famellos, DOER, massage therapist, and small business owner: I’m awarding you the $2,100. I honestly think you deserve it, that you’ll do right by the additional people that tossed in extra money, and that someday you’ll find a way to do something with gravity for someone else.

Good luck, and let us know how/if this money eneded up making a difference.



This scholarship was an interesting project for me. I’ve learned that there are so many good places to put your money. It’s almost overwhelming. I do believe I’ll do this again someday.

Florence, Devoya, Chris, and Alex…I’d like to be involved in your ventures somehow. Let’s talk.


It’s my birthday today (the 3rd). I’m 31. After you write on my Facebook wall, consider donating to this paypal account. Every last cent will go to Florence Ramos, one of the finalists, so she can take her sixth-grade class on that field trip to the Sierra Outdoor School.