my brain

This blog was originally intended to provide a single place for updates on the medical fiasco that is now my life.  I was doing email blasts before, but this seemed better.

To quickly sum up the issue:  the halves of my brain supply blood only to themselves and cannot compensate if the other side needs help.  In addition, one (or some) of my vessels on the right side are narrower than the left, and should something come along and get stuck in the narrow area or otherwise cause reduced blood flow, I would have a stroke.  A major one.  It would probably kill me.

I’m 32 years old and otherwise healthy.  I learned about this issue in April of 2008 when I fell down in a pizzeria and had a mini stroke.

For visual represetation, I photoshopped these images to match what my records say (originals here) :

Should you wish to catch up with the story, these posts are a good place to start:

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