Let’s Overfund Someone’s Dream

by irms

A little over six months ago, something amazing happened. I offered up $1,ooo to someone who could take advantage of a gift like that and do something awesome. The response was so cool.

People started chipping in. $1,000 turned into $2,100 — more than TWICE the amount the winner had hoped to gain.

What winner you ask? Oh, that was Sabrina. She runs Anzula and with the money they were able to buy new equipment, which eliminated inefficiencies in the business, which enabled them to hire employees. She now has FOUR FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES as a result of this money.

So all in all, the scholarship has been one of the best things to happen to us. –Sabrina Famellos Schmidt

Let’s Do That Again


Join me by throwing in some dollars. Every penny goes to the selected winner, exactly none of it goes to me.

This will work pretty much just like last time, except that I am pledging $1,000 but giving people an opportunity to throw in on top of that money.


raised so far, thanks to: Anna Jacobsen, Va Nee Van Vleck, Conlan Spangler, cogeian systems, Mike Harding, Amy Elliott, IRMA OLGUIN SR, Nick Gundry, Jaime Horio, Christian Westergaard, Matt Ploy, Natali Carrera, kristy Page, Lisa Alvey, Tom Cotter, Derrick Reimer, Stephen Years, Marta Lopez, Jason Farris, Socially Crowded, Layne Lev, Fernando Santillan, Matthew Tymn, Robert Kepford, Bethany Wielicki, brad fitzhhenry, Derek Payton, Sandi Olguin, Scott Kramer, Sandi Olguin, Sandi Olguin

Who will win?

Simple answer: The person who can demonstrate that this thousand bucks will make the difference between doing something amazing, and not doing it. Also, I prefer to see the money grow. e.g. A one-time donation to some great cause is neat, but let’s steer away from that for the moment. What can you do with a thousand bucks that will have a lasting impact?


Rules & Notes:

  • I can’t and won’t try to control how you end up using the money. HOWEVER, I ask that you report back with what you’ve done with it. All I will do is ask you to be honest.
  • No preference will be given to your financial status.
  • Local (Fresno/Central Valley) projects are more likely to have a place in my heart, but that doesn’t guarantee squat.
  • Must be 18 or older to win.
  • It is very unlikely that I will give the money to someone who simply wishes to travel and/or pay off bills. Call me a crab, but those are common enough goals.
  • Likewise with donations. See previous point.
  • This is a one-time award.


  • Deadline to apply: Friday, June 15th, 2012 @11:59pm PST
  • Finalists announced: Monday, June 25th, 2012
  • Winner announced: Friday, June 29th, 2012


For the naturally curious.


Where did you get this money?

I worked for it. Where did you get your haircut?


How will you decide the winner?

I will consult my magic 8 ball. Just kidding. I will probably share the applications with my family and close friends to gather opinions, but mostly I’m looking to see something entrepreneurial, or innovative. As I said above, your chances improve if your idea scales or the money grows or the idea will continue to affect people long after the money is gone. This is  not a contest to write the saddest story.


So? Whaddya say?