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PHP/MySQL Full Database Search and Replace

Downloadable script to perform a find and replace operation over all the tables and fields in a database. Continue reading

What Happened Before and a Little After (Part V)

Update 4 So, the good news is, my neurologist is a really sweet woman who recently got a new perspective on the outer-workings of the medical process when dealing with a hospital issue of her own.  She was sympathetic, helpful and sincere.   A combination that’s hard to find in anybody, let alone in a doctor.   Here is what went down this morning (after an excessive wait at the hospital clinic): The Verdict Before I say anything else, I should just go ahead and admit that the findings are a bit of a downer.  On one hand, I am fortunate to know what I know, and on the other (frustrated as hell but) lucky to be able to walk about upright like a regular person whose brain breathes properly. After sending my case out to a number of specialists, … Continue reading

What Happened Before and a Little After (Part IV)

Update 3I know what you’re thinking.  It’s been so long since my last blemail (<- that’s a cross between an email and a blog, pronounced with a hard ‘eee’ as in blee-mail, brand new word, just made it up) that you feel like we’re breaking up. We’re not.  Don’t convince yourself we’re flawed just so you can break up with me before I break up with you.  I know how you are, so let me explain: [ Warning:  This message is mostly concerned with the insurance scandal that has become my life, so if you’re not interested, I suggest you skip to the bottom paragraph. ] When last we spoke, I told you I had a hard time finding a primary care physician because I don’t have insurance, and many of you wrote with your insurance-getting/avoiding suggestions.  Thanks, I tried … Continue reading

What Happened Before and a Little After (Part III)

Update 2Writing these emails is starting to feel more like writing a blog than it should, but how else would you expect me to keep you up to date?  If you’re getting this email, then you must know me well enough to know I won’t be making phone calls 😉  A text message, maybe, but that’s a lot of messages flying back and forth. Anyway,  here’s whats new (again, with short and long versions for the time-conscious reader): For The Guy/Gal On-the-Go Nothing.  Nothing is new.  I haven’t seen or heard from a doctor yet despite my best efforts.  Two more appointments have been scheduled for early and mid-June. For Those Reading Email At Work The neurology appointment we were all holding our breath over was canceled due to a family emergency on the doctors’ part.  As I wrote before, … Continue reading

What Happened Before and a Little After (Part II)

Quick Update:While waiting for my appointment this morning, the doctor called in with family emergency.  None of her patients were seen, and I have been rescheduled for a date in June.  Because of the urgency implied while I was in the hospital, we’re going to see what can be done about an earlier appointment. When I said there were only three possible outcomes to this meeting, I was clearly underestimating fate once again. How am I feeling?  Crunchy.  Disappointed.  Annoyed.  But having had my fair share of family emergencies, I know that there is no one to blame, and nothing to do but wait and do what is in front of me. Updates on the way as I have them.Irms P.S.  Thanks for all the reply emails.  The response is/was something else.  I don’t really believe all the positive things … Continue reading