The Audience

by irms

Isn’t it funny how we use all these means of mass communication when so often we have an audience of one in mind? Tweets and status updates, blogs and away messages. We offer up random, but carefully worded nuggets of information about ourselves; pictures of places we’ve been, and things we ate, people we’re with, things we like and dislike.

We vaguebook, we allude, we’re passive-aggressive, and yet, so much of it is with the hope that a specific person is paying attention.

And when you do see it — as has been my hope all along — I’ll show that I’m embarrassed and take on a, “What, this old thing?” attitude, though I smile behind my hand. I’ll feign surprise, but be secretly thrilled. My nonchalance might even amaze you.

Silently, I’ll wait for you to bring it up. I’m holding my imagined breath for your reaction. I hope that it moves you, or that you learn something about me, or that at least you like it.

There’s a chance I want you to disagree so we can argue.

At the very least I want you to notice this. And there’s a good chance that you will, you see, because I wrote it just for you.